Port of Egiali

What to visit in Amorgos

Wild landscape, road routes are spreading over the sea at a mountainous island with rocky and rugged coastline, much sung by locals and travelers. Amorgos regardless how small it looks, is not for time visiting nor for a few days.

Worth to look the Byzantine Monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa, protector of the island, which houses rare manuscripts and icons. In the Hora is located the Venetian castle, built by Jeremiah Gizi in the 13th century as well as the church of St. George, in the bosom of the rock. In the center of the Mansion Gavras, is accommodated the Archaeological Museum of Amorgos.

In Tholaria there is a square tower called Vigla. Panagia Panochoriani is one quarter walking from Lagada and the Byzantine Monastery of St. John the Theologian, which is one hour walking from Lagada.The ancient altar in place prophet Elias over the canyon in Aegiali Araklis. Rock paintings, works of a humble artist, are met during trekking in the mountains of Aegiali the old path to the Hora.
In Arkesini in Kastri, you can see the ruins of the ancient city.BeachesStarting from our favorite beach will go from the Hora to the south side of the island to the beach Mouros. After leaving your car before the beach you will need to walk down, for about five minutes, a path to reach the beach. In Mouros, there are two underwater caves.Continuing to the famous “Big Blue” of Luc Besson beach of Agia Anna. Located close in Hora and the monastery Hozoviotissa and the water is crystal clear with no exaggeration! For those who prefer the nudity, there nearby you can find Kambi.We move south again, to say Arkesini. The beaches you will find there are Perivolos, a sandy beach in front of the little rocky islet Petalidi the Lower Kambos a scenic bay with sand and gravel near Kolofana, Amoudi, the Paradissia and Kalotaritissa, with the last one being the southernmost bay of the island where you can pass with a fishing boat on the beautiful island Gramvousa wich is opposite.Leaving the lesser known South with the most popular destination in the north, the bay of Aegiali be in focus, you can swim in either its namesake beach which is one kilometers length!!! Or much better, however, after accepting the fact that you will have to walk in Great Vlihada, about an hour from Tholaria, in beach Little Vlihada, northwest of Tholaria, also after a half hour hike from the village. Psili Ammos is a sandy beach where you will arrive either by foot or by boat 30 minutes from the port of Aegiali. The Levrossos beach which is on your way to Tholaria also (before the Psili Ammos), and if you have strengths, beach Chalara deserves visiting after an hour’s hike from the village of River. Shortly before Aegiali, as approaching from the town, on your left you will find the sheltered bay of St. Paul, while covering a boat with a distance of 300 meters, opposite St. Paul, you can swim in one of the two beaches of Nikouria , a small uninhabited island.

On the side of Katapola is located the Maltezi, with beach bar, umbrellas and sunbeds, accessible either with a boat from Katapola either by a walking path. Also nearby is St Panteleimon and Plakes and even closer Kato Akrotiri before proceeding to the Phoenikies and Aghioi Saranta.